Shorter links for your projects

When normal links are long forgotten, OUR links will still be remembered.

When links are too long, they become annoying to type, impossible to remember, and sometimes break things. OUR links are short. They fit into database tables and are easily updated if the content is moved.

How it works

An OUR link takes a URL that uses our domain name plus some keyword, such as http://our.ufl.edu/ushort (where “ushort” is the keyword), and redirects that website call to the intended content. This redirection occurs using standards-based browser instructions to direct the web browser to re-request the content from its real location. This avoids certificate problems and does not use a proxy or a cache. The real location is stored in our system, for quick retrieval, resulting in even quicker redirection.

Uses of Short Links

  • Print Publications
  • Social Media
  • Campaigns
  • Business Cards
  • Surveys


Instead of:


you see:


watch the redirect: